Wednesday, February 20, 2008

On Access

Skull from the Body Farm

Susan says:

Sometimes I'm blown away by the unprecedented access we've been granted for this film. We get to go to places most film crews don't. And every now and then someone reminds me of this, especially when it comes to the Body Farm. It's no secret that the Body Farm is selective with access to their site and the Bone Room. It makes sense; they need to be.

We've also been on a ride along with a homicide detective in Baltimore (amazing in many ways!), and we've shot in a morgue (twice!) and training sessions for detectives and FBI agents.

Along the way, people have opened up to us and told some insightful and shocking things about their work with dead bodies and law enforcement. It's almost overwhelming to hear their stories. They know things that most of us can't even imagine. Not in our wildest dreams.

I think that with great access, comes a great responsibility to tell their stories with as much integrity as possible. No one was under any obligation to let us in, let us film, let us ask questions. You may ask what they had to gain by granting us access and sharing their stories - and the answer is nothing. Or not much. It's kind of amazing.

It's worth noting that our filming hasn't taken place in public spaces, except for two museums.

We are so unbelievably lucky. Our lives have changed so much by what we've witnessed and it is our sincere hope that this gift of access shines throughout the film.

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Our Wildest Dreams said...

I forgot to mention that the skull in the photo is from an unidentified corpse found in an empty lot.