Sunday, May 25, 2008

Happy Memorial Day!

I hope you are taking the day off. We can't stay away from our dead dolls, so we are doing a bit of editing this extended weekend. Things are starting to flow nicely. I can tell that some of you are anxious to see this film get finished! Thanks for all the inquiries. We've been a little busy with everyday work, but Our Wildest Dreams is never far from our thoughts and conversations!

It's seems fitting on Memorial Day weekend that we mention that memorial is certainly a factor in this documentary film. Death represented through dolls helps make the issue of murder much more "friendlier." And death as entertainment is another safe way to explore something so dark. Still, we find ourselves thinking about victims and their families a lot. As we go through our footage, it's the words of the detectives, morgue technicians, among others, that always bring it back to the sad reality of our film.

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