Monday, August 25, 2008

John Waters Hangover

We can't seem to shake our John Waters hangover and it appears we're not alone. It's nice to hear from so many John Waters' fans! It's been very, very cool to talk to so many of you who appreciate his genius.

If you want to know what John is up to, don't delay logging on to Dreamland - the ultimate guide to John Waters:

On a separate but related note, I teach documentary storytelling classes and I'm constantly amazed by how many students tell me that they "don't really watch documentaries." Yet, they think they can make one...hmmmm. Anyway, I am constantly suggesting docs and recommending people watch at least one doc a week. And now I'm going global with this assignment. So, for all you aspiring documentary filmmakers out there, watch John Waters: This Filthy World. Watch it and the extras, and then write to me suggesting next week's doc assignment.

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