Saturday, August 16, 2008

More About Our Date w/John Waters

Susan says:

So, we arrived at Producer’s Studio (which I HIGHLY recommend if you are ever doing post work in Baltimore - they worked on The Wire and Generation Kill) and suddenly we were in the company of legendary filmmaker, author, actor, teacher, etc., John Waters.

Now when you think of John Waters you might not normally think: lovely, charming, sweet, and dashing! But he’s all that, plus smart as a whip, funny, entertaining, and most generous with his time. I’m far from easily star struck, yet I was struck by how he must be the smartest and funniest person in any room he enters.

How lucky are we to have him as our narrator?

We loved hearing about his upcoming projects (movies, a new book and something he’s not at liberty to talk about yet) and we loved showing him a ten-minute clip from our project.

John was kind enough to agree to an impromptu interview. Perhaps it will be a DVD extra for our documentary. We could have interviewed him for hours!

We introduced John to Baltimore Homicide Detective, Rob Ross. Rob is in our film and proved very helpful in our recording session when we need a little expert advice over a bit of homicide-related narration.

When it was all over, I felt a pang of sadness. I couldn’t believe it was really over.

Afterwards we met our homicide detective friends again for lunch at a wonderful oyster bar before we hopped a plane back to Minneapolis. During lunch Detective Ross asked us if we were happy to go home and we spontenously said no.

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