Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 Top Ten List of Most Memorable quotes about Of Dolls & Murder

2011 brought so many wonderful and gratifying moments for Of Dolls & Murder. Audiences have been beyond kind, appreciative, savvy, and insightful.

But there’s one in every crowd, isn’t there? Take that “one” and add it to emails, tweets, and Facebook posts that range from fabulous to frightening, and you have the:

2011 Top Ten List of Most Memorable
quotes about Of Dolls & Murder

10. I’m pretty sure one of your dolls slipped on a banana peel and died. That’s pretty funny.

9. I left during the Body Farm scene to go to the bathroom, not because I couldn't handle it. But it was pretty gross. (Just to be clear, you are talking about the scene and not your trip to the bathroom?)

8. I saw your film on Thursday night. I had no idea that a woman directed it until the end credits. I think that's hot. Are you single? Are you looking for someone who will appreciate your dark side? (Um, no.)

7. I would buy two copies of your film but besides my daughter, I can't think of anyone else who would want it. I could take my chances with the gift exchange at work, but I think I will pass. (So…just one DVD for you then?)

6. Keep me posted on your GLOBAL DOMINATION!

5. I wish someone would have warned me that your documentary is pretty much a horror film. I just wasn't prepared. (And here I was worried that putting “Murder” in the title would scare people off.)

4. I liked the DVD extras so much better than the actual movie.

3. Your film gave me nightmares! (You and me both.)

2. (From a Q&A following a screening) What deep dark thing happened to you to make you make this film? (What deep dark thing happened to you to make you want to see it? Hmmm?)

1. I could just kill you for not revealing the answers to the Nutshells. But I won't because that would be justifiable homicide and where's the mystery in that? (I really can’t argue with this.)

Honorable mention: “I can’t wait to show your film to my students!” – At least 3 elementary school teachers. (I only wish I was kidding.)

Here’s to a 2012 full of memorable quotes for everyone!


Eartha Kitsch said...

I love #5. I hope to get to see it one day!

Our Wildest Dreams said...

I hope so too! :-)