Saturday, May 28, 2011

Happy Memorial Day from Of Dolls and Murder

Mrs. Frances Glessner Lee
(pictured here at age 16)

In what has become a tradition each Memorial Day since we started the Of Dolls and Murder film project, we've posted about Frances Glessner Lee, the Patron Saint of Forensics, who spoke so eloquently for the dead. The world of criminal justice would be very different if it weren't for the pioneering work of FGL. And without her, we wouldn't have this wonderful story to tell.

At her funeral, hundreds of law enforcement officers from all over the East Coast and Canada came to honor her in a fitting tribute.

We hope she realized how many lives (and deaths) she impacted. RIP Mrs. Frances Glessner Lee.

Update: The Of Dolls and Murder DVD will be available in July 2011. We also have several screenings lined up too. More information on that soon.

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