Sunday, March 17, 2013

Dead Dolls & Betty Crocker

In our archival research we unearthed a letter from the Betty Crocker radio show, "Magazine of the Air" inviting Frances Glessner Lee to be a guest on the show. (1949) Considering I've made documentary films about both Betty Crocker and Frances Glessner Lee, my mind is forever blown.

For the record, there was a carbon copy of the reply letter and Frances politely declined.


Mar gar et said...

..and here I thought I had seen most everything..found your blog tonight via trip to Pinterest to see miniature doll furniture..and found Frances' bio, and I fell into the rabbit hole.
Blows my mind..never heard of this, and so odd that the nutshells are still in use! I was reading your blog, and when I got to the ironic twist of "Betty Crocker" inviting Frances to their show...well, that was just too much!
You're talented, persistent and just a little crazy.
God Bless You, Dear!

Susan Marks said...

Thanks Mar Gar et! Great to hear from you and I hope you get a chance to see Of Dolls & Murder!