Friday, May 10, 2013

Documentary Film - Frances Glessner Lee

We are so excited to be interviewing the family of Frances Glessner Lee! And yes, we have 2 new documentary films in the works and several related narrative projects. (screenplays and VOD series)  The more we uncovered about Frances and the Nutshells, the more endless possibilities to produce and write more projects!

And yes, we hear rumblings that other people are "stealing our ideas" and running with them, but so far, nothing has materialized. Plus, we have an incredible inside track to some very private info sources that the general public would have no way of knowing about. So, we feel great about all the research we've amassed (exclusively) and the trust we've built.

Switching gears - numerous people have asked me about our library/education version of Of Dolls & Murder. Not sure why people aren't seeing it on our website, but here it is!

And yes, we can work with your institution to invoice or whatever you need for your internal protocol for purchasing.

A little info about Of Dolls & Murder :

Before forensics, DNA, and CSI we had dollhouses – an unimaginable collection of miniature crime scenes, known as the Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death. Created in the 1930s and 1940s by a crime-fighting grandmother, Frances Glessner Lee created the Nutshells to help homicide detectives hone their investigative skills. These surreal dollhouses reveal a dystopic and disturbing slice of domestic life with doll corpses representing actual murder victims, or perhaps something that just looks like murder. Despite all the advances in forensics, the Nutshells are still used today to train detectives. Documentary film, Of Dolls and Murder, explores the dioramas, the woman who created them, and their relationship to modern day forensics. From the iconic CSI television show to the Body Farm and criminally minded college students, legendary filmmaker and true crime aficionado, John Waters narrates the tiny world of big time murder.

The DVD includes extended version of Of Dolls & Murder as well as extra features!

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