Thursday, September 12, 2013

Frances Glessner Lee Documentary update and more!

Our newest documentary film on Frances Glessner Lee is going very well! (Despite that fact that we could use quite a bit of travel money) But we are plugging along anyway. The footage is beautiful thanks to our incredible DP - Matt Ehling. And our sound is pristine thanks to sound guy and co-director John Kurtis Dehn.

We really are stunned by all the new information that is surfacing about Frances. And we feel so lucky to have her family participating in the film. I think Frances would be really proud of her great -grand kids. They truly are wonderful people and I feel lucky to know them. And if it weren't for this project, we would have never met. So believe me when I say I am grateful for the wonderful opportunities Frances has afforded me. I'm also grateful to the Jerome Foundation and the McKnight Foundation for their generous support. And I'm grateful for you - a person the cares enough about the Nutshells and the Frances Glessner Lee to read this blog post. And I know hundreds of people read this blog every week, even though very rarely does anyone comment. How do I know? There's a cool little feature that allows bloggers to see how many visits they get on each post.

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