Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Semifinal Round of the 2015 Academy Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting!

I'm feeling so humbled, grateful and a little surprised.  My screenplay on Frances Glessner Lee advanced to the Semifinal Round of the 2015 Academy Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting!  My script is one of 7,442 scripts total, down to 375 for the quarterfinal round and now 149 in the semifinals. UPDATE - my script made it in the top 50 screenplays. Amazing.

Sure I'm happy for me, but I'm also happy that this means more people will know about the incredible story of Frances Glessner Lee and her Nutshell Studies. 

Fingers crossed for the Final Round! 

Congratulations to everyone who QF or SF for this amazing screenplay competition!

Feel free to take a look at the lookbook for my screenplay.

One of the Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death by Frances Glessner Lee

If you are curious to know a bit more about my writing and indie filmmaking, please read on!

Susan Marks is screenwriter, author and documentary filmmaker.

Her recent documentary film, Of Dolls & Murder, about dollhouse crime scenes, features legendary filmmaker John Waters as narrator. Her followup documentary, Murder in a Nutshell focuses on the enigmatic Frances Glessner the Lee - the creator of the Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death.

Susan's current projects include 2015 Academy Nicholl Fellowship semifinalist screenplay, Dollhouse of Death about Frances Glessner Lee.  She also recently wrote a modern Southern Gothic tale in a new TV pilot, Perfect South.

Her screenplay, Finding Poppy Pepperdine was a quarter-finalist in the 2013 Academy Nicholl Fellowship competition. 

Susan's past projects include the book Finding Betty Crocker (Simon & Schuster 2005) and documentary film, The Betty Mystique.

Susan also wrote the book In the Mood for Munsingwear and made the documentary, Inside the Speakeasy Dollhouse.

Susan is a two-time recipient of the Jerome Foundation filmmaking grant,  a McKnight fellow and an Upper Midwest Regional Emmy winner.

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